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Do I need an Aeration or Overseeding?


When is the best time to aerate?:

Fall Aerations are the best but the second best time is spring.

What does an aeration do?

Aeration is like adding pores to the ground for your lawn to absorb water and nutrients. It promotes deeper root growth that leads to a healthier and thicker lawn.

What does an over-seeding do?

Over-seeding is adding grass seed to a pre-exisiting lawn. Following proper steps, this helps new grass propagate and take over your weedy lawn, making it a thick, soft carpet of good looking grass!

How does this process work?

A core aerator machine pulls 1-4in cores from the ground that open holes in the ground that allow for water and air to fill the holes and feed the pre-existing grass. It also adds increased surface area for grass seed to fill (in the holes). The cores remain on the surface of the lawn to break down and re-distribute the nutrients back into the lawn.

Why is fall better than spring?

Fall is better because temperature is optimal, the ground is generally softer than summer, especially following some August rain! A soft ground and optimal temperature are key to deep primary root growth! Once those roots take place the grass will begin to propagate from the root system, spreading and choking out the existing weeds as the roots go deeper than typical weed roots would. Come spring, the grass will come out of dormancy and their root systems will occupy the space that weeds would typically access, leading to a thick healthy lawn with minimal blemishes! Repeating this process 1-2x a year will lead to an exponentially healthier lawn.

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